Since 1980, Zanini Auditoria has been working on accounting as a management tool, offering a full range of solutions focused on advisory and consulting for businesses that seek planned and sustainable growth, without fearing the challenges of the market. Based in the city of Americana, in the interior of São Paulo, our company serve with innovation and dynamism small, medium and large national and foreign-capital companies throughout the country, providing specialized services in:

• Accounting Outsourcing;
• Tax Outsourcing;
• Personal Department;
• Corporate.

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Zanini’s mission is to contribute to corporations organized and successful management processes, providing services with excellence, responsibility and ethics. 

Our vision is to be recognized as a reference in the provision of accounting and tax services, as well as personal and corporate departments in the Metropolitan Area of Campinas, contributing to the development of this industry and to the growth and development of companies that seek to outsource services such as employees turnover; adequate team sizing; training and updating its team and as to risks in accounting and tax activities.

The main values are the commitment to customer satisfaction and quality in service delivery; respect for employees, customers, partners and suppliers, building healthy and lasting relationships; transparency and ethics in all actions; dynamism and agility in service and taking decisions and making commitment to innovation, constantly seeking creative solutions for modernization processes.

To meet the legal demands and requirements of our clients in providing accounting, tax, personal and corporate services, we commit ourselves to meeting your applicable requirements and seek to continuously improve the effectiveness of your quality management system.

Zanini is an ISO 9001 Certified company, prepared to meet the legal demands and requirements of our customers in providing services in accounting, tax, personal and corporate departments, committed to meeting the applicable requirements and continuous improvement of the effectiveness of their quality management system.

As principais ações e atividades da Zanini se desenvolvem na área Contábil, através de outsourcing contábil especializado em Lucro Real; escrituração contábil tributária com apuração dos tributos IRPJ e CSLL; escrituração contábil societária em consonância com as normas internacionais de contabilidade (IFRS); elaboração de relatórios específicos, atendendo às necessidades de cada cliente; elaboração e entrega da Escrituração Contábil Digital (ECD)e consultoria na legislação contábil e tributária. No setor de Recursos Humanos, realizamos a admissão e demissão de funcionários; elaboração da folha de pagamento de salários e pró-labore; elaboração e entrega das obrigações acessórias atinentes às relações trabalhistas; apuração dos tributos INSS, FGTS, Contribuições Sindicais, Assistências e Confederativas; consultoria na legislação trabalhista e folha de pagamento de empregados domésticos (e-Social) – Simples Doméstico. Na área Fiscal, nossas ações estão centradas em Outsourcing fiscal especializado em Lucro Real; escrituração fiscal em consonância com a legislação aplicável; apuração dos tributos PIS, COFINS, IPI, ICMS e ISSQN; elaboração e entrega do SINTEGRA, escrituração fiscal digital (EFD) e e-PIS/COFINS e consultoria na legislação fiscal e tributária. Por último, atuamos no setor societário das empresas, desenvolvendo: abertura e encerramento de empresas; alterações contratuais; planejamento e reestruturação societária (transformação, cisão, fusão e incorporação); parcelamentos de débitos tributários; obtenção de certidões negativas e renovação de alvarás e licenças de funcionamento.

Zanini has the technology and autonomy to develop a job of safety, responsibility, compliance with deadlines and assertiveness with its customers. Its projects also involve Accounting actions for Foreign Companies of all kinds, supporting those led by businessmen who seek the longevity of their business. By offering the outsourcing of its services, it contributes to the growth and development of companies in actions related to employee turnover; adequate sizing of their teams; training and updating their personnel, and providing awareness to risks in accounting and tax activities.

Energy that is renewed every day

Recently, the company promoted the installation of a power generator so that the team’s work can be more efficient and safer. Also focused on social and environmental responsibility, Zanini has a complex of photovoltaic plates at its headquarters, which generates clean and renewable energy.